Stock Market

Streamline your investment journey with an all-encompassing solution.

Streamline your investment journey with an all-encompassing solution.

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AI Trade Strategy

Get Artifical Intelligence (AI) assisted price estimate to buy or sell based on your risk appetite

Local & Foreign Stocks

Explore, analyze, and make informed investment decisions on a global scale

Price Target

Access precise price targets for all firms over specific periods

Insider Trade

Stay ahead to align your investment decisions with insider sentiment

News & Announcement

Comprehensive news and announcement of all relevant updates impacting the stocks


Dividend related information that available to track, analyze, and optimize portfolio's income stream

Mini Technical Charts

Unlock a bird's-eye view of dynamic and sortable charts, including essential indicators such as support and resistance levels, candlestick patterns, volume trends, relative strength index (RSI), exponential moving averages (EMA), and moving average convergence divergence (MACD)


Refine based on your preferences and save your meticulously curated screen for quick and efficient market monitoring

Dividend Tracking

Effortlessly track all dividend payouts and stay ahead by monitoring your upcoming or forecast dividend income stream on a single page

Real Time Alert

Receive on-time updates, personalized alerts, ensuring you never miss a crucial market move

Stay in control by receiving instant alert on stock price movements

Receive alerts on insider trades, ensuring you stay informed about significant stock movements driven by the followed insiders

News Feed

Access a curated stream of real-time upcoming updates, dividend, stock news, and relevant announcements

Insider Trades

Follow insiders through comprehensive insider trading activities to effortlessly track their movements

Portfolio Management

Effortlessly oversee and optimize your investments by tracking performance and monitoring diversification

Strategically allocate funds across stocks and set monthly limits to manage investment portfolio

Visualize your portfolio's market value allocation to gain a graphical representation of how investments are distributed

Performance Monitoring

Comprehensive profit returns of your investment performance

Notes & Logs

Stay organized by tracking vital insights, changes, and notes while maintaining a detailed log of stock-related activities

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